Florida and Los Angeles real estate license

The key to own a realtor license in a real estate business is by serving well as a good agent and a broker. The rules and regulations of acquiring a real estate license differ from one place to the other. This article concentrate on 3 things: Florida real estate license, Commercial real estate Los Angeles and Real estate license nj (New Jersey).

Florida real estate license

Basic requirements

  • A candidate should be a legal resident of Florida.
  • He or she must be 18 years in age.
  • The candidate should not have any past criminal records.
  • The applicant should be graduated from either a high school or a GED.
  • Have to complete a 63 hours Pre-License program and also successfully.
  • Submit the application to Real Estate Division along with the fee.
  • Successfully pass the license exam.

Apart from the above, the government will ask you to give your finger prints before writing your license exam. The 63 hours program can either be took through online or by enrolling in a good real estate school. You can Google about the online as well as onsite real estate schools offering useful courses. To get the license, you will have to spend some amount of money on things like:

  • Exam fee
  • License cost
  • Course charges
  • Travel expenses
  • Fee on finger printing

Commercial real estate Los Angeles

The real estate market trends in Los Angeles are growing up drastically these days. To own a real estate license in Los Angeles, you will have to consider the following things:

  • You will have to be a legal resident of Los Angeles or at least have a citizenship of United States.
  • A candidate should be 18 years in age.
  • He or she shouldn’t have any criminal records.
  • Must enroll in a good real estate school and undergo a real estate course.
  • He or she must successful pass the license exam.
  • The candidate should submit their finger prints to the federal government.
  • The applicant must have acquired little experience from a reputed real estate broker.

The overall methods of licensing are the same but only a few things might vary.

Real estate license nj

florida real estate license

The word “nj” refers to New Jersey. The following are the steps through which a candidate can acquire a real estate license from New Jersey.

  • The commission of New Jersey asks all the applicants to undergo a 75 hours Pre-license program from a reputed real estate school. It is mandatory to take a course, only then you can move further. You will have to attend the classes properly and you can miss only 20% classes.
  • Once the candidates successfully complete the training course, they will be eligible to write the Sales Person License Exam. At present the exams are currently monitored by a reputed testing company known as PSI. You will have to pass this test by scoring or acquiring 70%. The results will be announced immediately to the candidates if they have passed or failed.
  • Once the exams are over, the passed candidates must schedule a specific appointment with the company known as Sagem Morpho. Here the candidates will have to give their finger prints with the help of electronic machines. This is done in order to ensure if the candidate has any criminal records previously or not. You will be given some documents which you will have to keep it safely.
  • The candidates will then have to bring the Sagem Morpho paperwork and PSI score documents to the real estate company for whom the candidate wishes to work. These documents will then be submitted to NJREC (New Jersey Real Estate Corporation) for further verifications.

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